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The Top Five

Some Of The Best Benefits

Visualise Plans

Visualise future projects before they are built & reduce uncertainty when buying off the plan.

Direct to mobile sales

Buyers can walk through any unbuilt property worldwide from the comfort of their home.

Expand your market

Sell to new markets, including interstate and foreign buyers, and those who were previously hesitant to buy off the plan.

Viewing options

Buyers can choose how they want to view the model; using a tablet, phone, or VR headset.

High Fidelity

We showcase unbuilt property with ever increasing realism. Our technology delivers the highest quality VR in the world.

What We Offer

Explore our tech

Our technology has been designed to be as flexible as possible and delivers brilliant experiences directly to consumers. Choose where you want to view the model, how you want to view the model, and who you would like to share the model with. 

On all modern devices

IOS & Android stores

IOS & Android stores

Oculus VR & Android VR OS

As seen in


  • Allow potential buyers to walk around all your off-the-plan properties in 1:1 scale before construction begins
  • Control the experience from any location
  • Compare floorplans & colour schemes
  • Show the real view

Home builders

  • Show multiple home designs & layouts with a click 
  • Sell to customers in different locations to your display homes
  • Create virtual display homes
  • Compare colour schemes
  • Control the experience from any location

Real Estate Agents

  • Increase pre-sales before construction
  • Take the experience to the buyer’s location
  • Expand your potential market with interstate & international buyers
  • Differentiate from other agents

Platform Information

How it works

Tech doesn’t have to be confusing, which is why we have kept our process simple. We work collaboratively with all our clients so that the virtual reality experience works within their current eco system and is easy to use for their customers. 

More than VR

Let buyers choose how they view your designs


Buyers can walk around your design in 1:1 scale in virtual reality.


Buyers can walk around your design in 1:1 scale using a tablet or phone as their window into the virtual world.


Buyers can explore your design as a clickable tour on any smart device. This tour can also be embedded on any website.

Embed anywhere

Inspire at the start of your buyer's journey

Our Clickable Tour can be embedded on any website allowing buyers to explore the property in their own time. With a click, they can also choose to view the property in Virtual reality or Augmented reality through our app.

Working With Us

What Our Clients Say

Ask Something?

Frequently Asked Questions

Traditional VR generally has you sitting or standing in one spot and looking around a room. Our VR allows you to walk around freely without any cords or attachments. Our VR experience is also completely mobile, allowing you to set it up anywhere. If you don’t like to wear a headset you can also view the model using any smart device. 

We have a few options for you to try our technology.

If you have a tablet > Click the links to download our demo app from the Google or Apple app store and try our technology on your tablet.

If you have an Oculus Quest 2 headset > Download our app from app labs and try the technology on your headset.

Request a demo kit that includes a headset and tablet pre-loaded with three of our projects. You can keep the kit for 7 days. Register your interest here and a member of our team will be in touch to organise delivery.

At the most basic level, all we need is your floorplan however if you have a 3D model or DWG file that will speed up the process. If you are unsure of where to start get in touch and a member of our team can help you.

Reserve your FREE Demo Kit

Experience our technology first-hand

Our Demo Kit includes a headset & tablet pre-loaded with three of our projects. You can keep the kit for 7 days and experience first hand what makes our technology different. Register your interest below and a member of our team will be in contact to organise delivery. 

Download our demo app

Try our technology

Our ‘EnvisionVR’ demo app includes three of our previous projects for you to explore. Explore on your tablet or headset. Download from the app stores below.