3DUS – Elevating the Hospitality visualisation space with captivating virtual experiences.

When I first experienced EnvisionVR, I was blown away. It was like a lightbulb moment.

Juan Luque, Chief Creative Officer.  

The Partner:  

3DUS is a renowned visualisation and design firm with over 30 years of experience committed to crafting technology-driven solutions across diverse industries. Specialising in luxury residential, hospitality design and visualisation, their team of passionate professionals excels in transforming ideas into successful projects through creativity, commitment, and expertise. They leverage cutting-edge technology and essential skills to deliver visually captivating solutions, focusing on community and inclusivity to foster excellence in visualisation and design.

Their Challenge: 

3DUS faced challenges in finding a VR solution that met their standards. Most options were either overly complex, lacked the quality of their visualisations, or required resources their clients didn’t have. The existing tools couldn’t provide the immersive experience needed to showcase intricate design details, hindering their ability to effectively communicate with clients and differentiate themselves in the market. 
When I first experienced EnvisionVR, I was blown away. It was like a lightbulb moment – this was exactly what we had been searching for. I remember feeling a sense of excitement and thinking, “This is it!” From that moment on, I knew we had to connect with the team behind EnvisionVR to explore how we could collaborate.” Juan Luque, Chief Creative Officer.  

Our solution:  

EnvisionVR provided the perfect VR solution for 3DUS, aligning perfectly with their high standards. The clarity, performance, and user-friendly interface surpassed expectations, enabling the team to showcase designs with unprecedented realism. With EnvisionVR, 3DUS could effortlessly guide clients through projects, fostering deeper understanding and appreciation. This streamlined approach, coupled with EnvisionVR’s prompt support and comprehensive documentation, made the collaboration seamless and dependable. 
“Working with EnvisionVR has honestly been fantastic. They’ve made the whole process so straightforward and dependable. From the get-go, they provided thorough documentation that made submitting models a breeze, and whenever we had questions or concerns, they were right there to assist us. What really stood out was how they tackled project issues head-on. Whether it was sorting out changes or clarifying misunderstandings, they were always on the ball.” Juan added.


3DUS faced challenges in finding a VR solution that met their standards. However, their partnership with EnvisionVR proved transformative. Juan Luque highlights, “EnvisionVR’s immersive experience, jaw-dropping clarity, and intuitive navigation addressed industry challenges and exceeded expectations.” With EnvisionVR becoming integral to their business offerings, 3DUS anticipates a future where immersive virtual tours and 3D experiences elevate their services, marking EnvisionVR as a game-changer in their industry.