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Why become a partnered AV firm?


We've all seen what a dodgy VR experience looks like. Partner with us, the experts, and offer your clients the best in market VR.

Increase average customer spend

Instead of just creating a render you now have the opportunity to model an entire floorplan.


Offer our technology to target new markets both locally and globally.

Meet with clients to review your design

Hold virtual review sessions via our app where you and your client can meet and explore the design together.

become an industry leader

Stand out from other ArchViz firms in a highlight competitive market.

Broaden your portfolio

Broaden your portfolio with new and exciting projects which highlight the full capability of your team.

who we have partnered with

We are for game changers & market leaders.

Stand out from the competition & offer something your competitors don't.

How it works

Our process

Convert your 3D models into virtual experiences. 

  1. Create a 3D model of your client’s design
  2. Using our 3Ds Max plugin create 360 images of the design for the client to review
  3. Once approved use the plugin to export your model and send to us for conversion
  4. We convert the model and upload it to the EnvisionVR Design app
  5. You can meet with your client in the EnvisionVR Design app to review the model (in person or remotely)
  6. Once approved your client can choose to leave the design on the Design app (where only you and them can see it) or they can upgrade it to the EnvisionVR sales app where they can share it (perfect for developers & builders selling off the plan). Check out our developers and builders pages for more information.

Are you ready to elevate your offering? Contact us to learn more about becoming a partnered ArchViz firm.

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