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Getting Started

Getting Started

How to set up your Headset and Tablet

For this you will need your Oculus Quest Headset, your tablet and Wi-fi login details. Log in to your Facebook...

Downloading the EnvisionVR App

Downloading to your Headset You can download the EnvisionVR app from the Oculus Store either from your Tablet or Headset....

Setting up your EnvisionVR Account

Create an account Open the EnvisionVR App on your Tablet. Select Business Account. Enter your email address and create password....

How to Update the Apps

VR Headset To update the EnvisionVR app: Turn the headset on and click on the apps icon on the universal...

Connecting to Wifi

Headset To connect your headset to the wifi, press the oculus button on the right controller to bring up the...

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