Device Compatibility

What devices will the EnvisionVR app work on? iPhone 7 Plus 8 Plus X XR XS 11 11 Pro SE (2nd Gen) 12 12 Pro 13 13 Pro iPad iPad Pro (all models excluding 2016 9.7 inch) iPad (7th generation or later) iPad Air (4th generation) iPad Air (3rd generation) iPad Mini (5th generation) Android […]

VR Only (with Design Review)

Our Design Review App demonstrates EnvisionVR’s approval process. Multiple people can be in the App at once to collaborate on the project.

Guided Viewing

Guided viewings allow the presenter with their tablet to guide the VR user’s experience. You will need two people for this experience. Guided viewings can also be conducted remotely, with the presenter and VR user in different locations. You will need both devices to be connected to wifi.

VR Only

Our Solo Viewing is for VR users to explore on their own. To navigate the design walk around your play area or use the triggers on your controllers to teleport. Press A to bring up the Envision menu. Here you can change designs, rooms and colour schemes. Press the Oculus button to quit the App.

Setting Up Guardian

Your guardian allows you to explore safely whilst in VR. The following video takes you through how to set up a guardian in your space.

Headset Set Up

Here you will learn: The basic functions of your headset How to fit your headset correctly

Explore the Tablet

The tablet has two modes to explore: Clickable mode AR walk-through mode

What’s in your Demo Kit

In each demo kit you will find: Oculus Quest 2 Headset Two Controllers (left and right) Tablet (Samsung S7 or iPad) Charger

Apps not updating

Problem: App updates not appearing on Oculus Quest Headset. Solution: Ensure the headset is connected to the wifi and the wifi is working. Turn the headset on and off and retry download.

Stuck outside model

Problem: Getting stuck in VR Solo Viewing outside the model and cannot teleport back in. Solutions: One: Press A on the right Controller to bring up the EnvisionVR menu and select a room or change models. Two: Press the Oculus button on the right Controller to bring up the universal menu and select restart