Supported Real Estate portals

What is a Real Estate portal? A Real Estate portal is a digital platform where properties are listed for sale or rent. These portals offer detailed information about properties, including photos, descriptions, location details, and often, virtual tours or experiences. Which Real Estate portals currently support EnvisionVR? Australia: Portal Virtual Experience Interactive Display (REA) […]

Ivolve Studios – Achieving distinction in Townsville

“It was an obvious decision to engage EnvisionVR to produce another industry-leading VR experience.” Sunny Chan, Director Ivolve Studios The Partner:   Ivolve Studios, headquartered in Sydney, stands as a testament to architectural visualisation excellence. Established in 2000, it’s one of Australia’s longest-running firms in this domain. Their repertoire extends from delivering stellar CGI’s and […]

The Ace Residences – Engage & Enchant

Project SummaryDeveloper: Mathieson PropertySales Agent: Ray White BowralCGI Partner: Ivolve Studios “I had to pick their jaws up off the floor they were that impressed” – Alex Sicari Mathieson Property The Client Led by the vision of Alex Sicari, Mathieson Property boasts an impressive legacy spanning over 15 years, marked by its creation, delivery, and […]

SGKS Architects Designed Home

Project Summary Architect: SGKS Architects “We were very excited and pleased with the result when we first saw the house in Mobile VR. We’ve shown a number of friends and family too.” – Homebuilder The Client At EnvisionVR, we had the opportunity to partner with a client who was embarking on building his own home in […]

Arc & Sphere – Shaping the future

Arc & Sphere - Shaping the future of architectural visualisation

“I’ve seen many innovations, but the (EnvisionVR) platform’s capability to turn renders into vivid 3D experiences stands out. Experiencing properties at a 1:1 scale, even before they’re built, is truly remarkable. This is a defining moment for architectural visualisation.” Toni Tran Le – Co-Founder and CEO of Arc & Sphere The Partner: Arc & Sphere […]

Viksel Studios – Adding another offering

“It is becoming more and more important. Whilst renders grab attention, to successfully sell a project you need more which is where Virtual Reality (VR) comes in.” Ihor Bednarchyk Co-Founder Viksel Studios The Partner:   Viksel Studios, a renowned 3D architectural visualisation studio based in Ukraine, has been delivering exceptional photorealistic 3D rendering services and 3D modeling to a wide range of clients, including architects, real […]

3ds Max Plugin

What is it? Before EnvisionVR commences the conversion process, we need the CGI Partner’s client to approve and sign off on the model. To make the approval process easier, we have developed a 3ds Max plugin. This free plugin allows our partners to quickly and easily create lots of 360 renders for their clients to review and approve. Once the […]

Ivolve Studios – Mobile VR offering

“I have been recommending this collaboration with EnvisionVR for multiple projects and am excited to see our next project come to market as well.” Sunny Chan, Director Ivolve Studios The Partner:   Based in Sydney, Ivolve Studios is an esteemed architectural visualisation company renowned for delivering exceptional CGI’s, fly-through animations, and virtual reality experiences for […]

Embedding Your Web App

What is an iFrame? An iFrame, also knowns as Inline Frame, is an element that loads another HTML element inside of a web page. They are commonly used to embed specific content like external ads, videos, tags, or other interactive elements into the page. How to use iFrames EnvisionVR’s Web App can be embedded as […]

Studio 5253 – Adding VR to their business

The Partner:   Studio5253 is a dynamic 3D Visualisation Studio and creative agency specialising in branding, design, and digital solutions. With a passion for crafting unique and compelling visual experiences, Studio 5253 helps businesses and individuals bring their ideas to life in the most captivating and effective way. Led by a highly skilled team, Studio […]