VR without the hassle

Offer your clients cutting-edge Virtual Experiences –
no gaming engines required.

From 3ds Max to VR.
Extend your renders into stunning Virtual Experiences.

How it works

1. Create

Model your entire scene in 3ds Max.

2. Review

Use the EnvisionVR plugin to review and approve.

3. Conversion

Pack and send your files to EnvisionVR.

4. Experience

On mobile phones, tablets, VR headsets or in browser.

Integrates with your current workflows.

No need to model in gaming engines or spend time learning unity or unreal. Just model in 3ds Max and we take care of the rest.

Automatic feature updates and upgrades.

Hosting your experience on our platform means that you will get access to all the new and exciting features that we roll out.

Add another layer to your current offering.

Expand your business to include VR and AR and stand out from the competition.

I’ve seen many innovations, but the (EnvisionVR) platform’s capability to turn renders into vivid 3D experiences stands out. Experiencing properties at a 1:1 scale, even before they’re built, is truly remarkable. This is a defining moment for architectural visualisation.

– Toni Tran Le

Frequently asked questions

No, EnvisionVR is a 1:1 walk anywhere experience that doesn’t limit the viewer to hotspots. Rather than rendering out hotspots, the whole scene is optimised using our proprietary process

Yes – if the entire space is not modelled, when virtually viewing the entirety of the space, there will be areas that have gaps or holes and this will affect the end experience. 

No – we want you to model the way your would for renders and we take care of optimising the model.

We support: 
– Corona  
– V-Ray  
– Floor Generator  
– UV – Packer 
– Rail Clone  
– Any EnvisionVR supplied plugin  

We do not yet support: 
– Forest Pack 
– V-Ray Hair  

EnvisionVR will take the archived file you have supplied and through techniques in 3ds Max and Unity, we will convert your scene to a virtual experience.

We need an Archived zip file from your 3Ds Max scene. This should include all maps and textures.  

We also require the link to the 360 Renders generated directly from the EnvisionVR plugin. These renders should match the archived scene.  

No – We rely on our CGI partners to model all elements of a space including textures and lighting. If it is not modelled or captured in other means, like drone photography it will not be shown in the experience.  We also require the link to the 360 Renders generated directly from the EnvisionVR plugin. These renders should match the archived scene.  

Yes – We provide 1 revision. It is important that all changes are clearly communicated, or the appropriate files are supplied. 

After the 1 revision, further changes can be made but will incur a service fee. 

Yes – It is preferred that you use the EnvisionVR plugin as a part of your approval process with your client.  

In addition, EnvisionVR uses the 360 renders as a guide to ensure that all textures and lighting are translated correctly into VR.

You can find the plugin in our CGI onboarding course. This also contains a tutorial on how to use the plugin. 

Our price is based on the size of your space. You can get an indication of pricing here.

We understand the value and sensitivity of your IP and we’re happy to work with whatever NDAs or terms of use are required by you or your client.

Start offering Virtual Experiences today.