Architectural Visualisation Industry

Emerging Technology Trends 2023

To gain valuable insights into the current state of the architectural visualisation industry and the influence of emerging technologies, EnvisionVR conducted a global survey targeting professionals working in this field. The survey aims to shed light on technologies presently being explored by the industry and forecast the ones expected to significantly impact their work in the next 12-24 months. The survey also seeks to identify common challenges faced by professionals, the results of which can be used to develop solutions to overcome them.

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Results at a glance

Trends that will have the biggest impact

Virtual Reality (VR)/Augmented Reality (AR) is considered the technology trend with the greatest impact on the architectural visualisation industry. This was followed by 45% of respondents showing interest in implementing artificial intelligence (A.I.)/machine learning (ML)/diffusion models (DM) to automate tasks, improve efficiency, and allow designers to focus on creative aspects of their work, thus reducing costs and saving time.

Current state of the industy - technology adoption


Have adopted AR/VR


A.I./Diffusion Models


Metaverse Applications

Challenges of adopting new technology


Cost of implementing new technologies


Incompatibility with existing workflows


Risk of learning new services before client demand

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