Let's get Interactive

Showcase an entire project seamlessly.

The best features.

All digital assets.
House all your assets in the one location.

Stock control. 
Make live changes to your project – never miss a beat on availability or price updates.

Data and Insights. 
Customer level insights, CRM integration and more!

Add Virtual Experiences.
Create the ultimate sales tool by combining Virtual Experiences with Interactive Products.

Interactive Display

Empower your sales and marketing team with Interactive Display, the ultimate all-in-one sales platform. House all your marketing assets in one place and showcase them like never before – whether in your showroom or on-the-go.

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All marketing assets in one place.

Access your renders, floor plans, floor plates, brochures, project descriptions as well as Virtual Experiences. It’s the all-in-one sales tool.

Showcase views from every level.

Show your buyers exactly what their future view will look like.

Stock management.

User-managed stock management means you and your team will always be up-to-date.

Completely mobile sales platform.

Integrate into your showroom or take it on the road to connect with buyers anywhere, anytime.

Virtual Experience integration.

Add Virtual Experiences to your Interactive Display for the ultimate sales tool.

Customers insights and integrations.

Access customer-level insights and view all your data and analytics in a single dashboard online. Integrate this with your existing CRM to create targeted outreach workflows. 

Embed on your website

Increase website engagement by embedding Interactive Display on your site. Buyers can explore in their own time, driving engagement and connection to the project.