Getting to know your Headset

Basic Functions


The controllers are labelled left and right.

The safety strap should be worn at all times in VR.

Each controller has a trigger to select in VR as well as buttons. These have various functions depending on the app you are in.

The controllers are powered by AA batteries. Change the batteries by sliding off the case.


Charge the Headset with the cable that came with it. You should always charge your headset before use.

Orange light = charging

Green light = charged

Turning ON/OFF

  1. Place the Headset on your head.
  2. Hold the power button until the Oculus logo appears.
  3. Wait 20 seconds.
  4. Instructions will appear on how to create the guardian. If you have done this before in your space the headset will remember and you can confirm.

Turning off – hold the on/off button for 3 seconds, you will see a prompt asking to confirm turning off. Either continue holding the on/off button to power off or use the controllers to confirm.


The Oculus Quest 2 has adjustable lenses that move back and forth to adjust the clarity of the image. The lenses should line up with the user’s pupils for the clearest image.

There are 3 settings:

1 – the narrowest range (61mm or smaller)

2 – middle range (61-66mm)

3 – widest (66mm or larger)


The headset has a volume button underneath. Adjust by pressing + or –.

Headset fit

Remove the Headset and loosen all straps. The top strap is velcro and the side straps adjust by sliding the plastic adjusters.

Place the Headset on your head and adjust the side straps first by sliding the plastic adjusters.

Next adjust the top strap by pulling apart the velcro and re-attaching it. The Headset should rest lightly on your face.

Fine-tune your Headset fit and clarity by tilting the Headset up and down to seal it against your face.

If the image is still unclear, remove the Headset and gently shift the lenses left and right to find the position that is clearest.

It may take you a few times to get the fit right.

NOTE: If you’re wearing glasses you can wear them in the Headset if they fit comfortably. Try with and without to find the clearest image.


Your Oculus Quest will come with a silicone cover.

Wash with soapy water or wipe with alcohol between uses.

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