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How to set up your Headset and Tablet

For this you will need your Oculus Quest Headset, your tablet and Wi-Fi login details.

Log in to your Facebook account

To set up your Oculus Quest you will need a Facebook account. This can either be your existing account or you can create a new one.

Existing Facebook Account

  1. Search Facebook in the web browser on tablet
  2. Login with your Facebook account details

Creating a Facebook Account

  1. Search Facebook in the web browser on the tablet
  2. Create new account
  3. Follow the instructions to create new account

Download the Oculus App on your Tablet

  1. Connect your tablet to the Wi-Fi (see here if you need instructions)
  2. Search Oculus in the App Store or Google Play Store
  3. Download to Tablet

Login to Oculus

  1. Open the Oculus App on your Tablet.
  2. If the correct Facebook account is showing, ‘Continue as YOUR FACEBOOK NAME’ or select log in with Facebook and follow the prompts to link the two accounts.
  3. Set up your VR profile by filling in information, adding profile pictures, creating a username and profile settings.
  1. Create an Oculus PIN (4 digits).
  2. Add a credit card or skip this step (please note that the EnvisionVR app is a free app).
  3. Select the Headset you are using ‘Oculus Quest 2’.
  4. The App will now pair with your Headset.
  5. The Oculus App will ask for a 5-digit PIN to complete the pairing of your device with the APP. Put the Headset on and the PIN will be visible.
  6. Once your phone and headset are paired; place your Headset back on your head to finish the device setup. The device will guide you through this.
  7. Once you have gone through the setup steps and acknowledged the safety video, your Headset will restart.
  8. When the Headset turns on again, it should confirm the pairing of your device and automatically update the headset if there is a software update available.
  9. You will be taken through the process of creating a Guardian (safe play area).
  10. Now you are ready to download the EnvisionVR App and start exploring.

Click HERE to learn how to download the EnvisionVR App.

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