3ds Max Modelling Quick Guide


  • Use the EnvisionVR template  
  • Units = CM’s  


  • Quad Geometry  
  • Clean Topology  
  • Complete models (un-broken)  
  • Low poly assets, where possible
  • Un-decimated  
  • Separated wall (levels) if more than 1 x storey  
  • Leave everything Un-Collapsed  
  • Remove all un-used data, junk and layers   
  • Open all doors  
  • Glass on a Separate Layer  


  • Clean mesh, low poly preferred  
  • Don’t use the following:  
    – Hairy Objects 
    – Shaggy Items 
    – Hairbrushes, brushes or similar  
    – Wicker itesm including chairs, baskets, tables and décor  
  • Always use assets compatible with 3Ds Max  
  • Don’t use dense planting, or planting with poor mesh 
  • Don’t use detailed flowers/foliage    
  • Do use broad leaf plants, or medium density planting  


  • Do use the following:  
    – Corona  
    – V-Ray  
    – Floor Generator  
    – UV – Packer 
    – Rail Clone  
    – Any EnvisionVR supplied plugin  
  • Don’t use the following:  
    – Forest Pack 
    – V-Ray Hair  
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