Navigating the Tablet

Home screen

When you open the app, you will see all the projects on the left side of the screen.

Here you can view the project information, available photos and link to more information.

Project Listings

To view a design click the listing under the project. This will bring up the information.

Here you can view images, property features and floorplan.

You can also access the walkthrough and clickable tours as well as share the project.

Exterior Model

If there is an exterior model available of the house it is accessed under the listing.

You can rotate the model to view and toggle the roof on and off.

Table AR lets you view the model on a table.

On-site AR allows you to view the model on your future site and walk through in 1:1 scale.

Interactive Display

If there is an interactive display linked to the project it can be selected from the menu.

From here you can access the project information, floorplans, gallery and 360 degree views.

To access the floorplans, select Levels.

If there is a 3D model available this is accessed by clicking on the floorplan to bring up the listing information.

To enter the 3D model and access the clickable and walkthrough tours select View Model.

Click HERE to learn how to start exploring with the Tablet.

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