Supported Real Estate portals

What is a Real Estate portal?

A Real Estate portal is a digital platform where properties are listed for sale or rent. These portals offer detailed information about properties, including photos, descriptions, location details, and often, virtual tours or experiences.

Which Real Estate portals currently support EnvisionVR?


PortalVirtual ExperienceInteractive Display (REA)

New Zealand:

PortalVirtual ExperienceInteractive Display
Trade Me

United Kingdom:

PortalVirtual ExperienceInteractive Display

United States:

PortalVirtual ExperienceInteractive Display

How are the Virtual Experiences supported?

Our Virtual Experiences are seamlessly integrated within the selected real estate portals. Users can conveniently access these experiences on desktop and mobile browsers, as well as within the portals’ respective mobile applications. The embedded experience ensures there’s no need for users to navigate away from the property listing, enhancing user engagement and providing a fluid browsing experience.

What if my desired Real Estate portal is not listed?

We are continuously striving to expand our network of supported real estate portals, aiming to make our virtual experiences universally accessible.

If there’s a particular portal you’re interested in or would like to see our experiences on, kindly get in touch with us.

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