Sell any off the plan property with ease.

Reduce uncertainty. Expand your market.

Allow your buyers to view any property in a way that suits them.

Tech Explained

Some of The Best Features

Showcase those million dollar views

Show buyers the real 4K drone scanned views from each unit. They can walk up to the balcony, look around, and experience their future view.

Viewing on any device

Buyers anywhere in the world can download our app and within minutes be walking through your development either with a headset or a tablet. You can control the experience with a Guided Viewing or they can explore in their own time with a Solo Viewing. 

Virtual Viewings

Not in the same location as your buyer or restricted by COVID. Our Virtual Viewings allow your potential buyers to walk through any of your off-the-plan properties in virtual reality in their location, all while you control the experience. You can talk to them in real-time, see what they are seeing, and navigate them throughout the design just like an open home. 

Mobile sales

Take the display suite experience to any location. No longer do buyers have to come to you, you now have the flexibility to show them all your off-the-plan properties in their location with our Face to Face Guided Viewings.

virtual reality real estate

Compare colour schemes

Easily show buyers different colour schemes with the click of a button.

Embed anywhere

Stand out from other listings

Our Clickable Tour’s can be embedded on any website allowing buyers to explore the property in their own time. With a click, they can also choose to view the property in virtual reality using a headset or tablet.

Our Benefits

What Our Tech Can Do For You

Increase customer base

Give confidence to buyers who traditionally would not buy off the plan as they can now see the finished product. They can compare floorplans, colour schemes and even see the actual view.

Interstate & International buyers

Show interstate & international buyers any property from your location and control the entire process.

Remote collaboration

With a Virtual Viewing you can be viewing the same property at the same time, whilst being in different locations.

Mobile sales

No longer do customers have to come to your display suite. You can take the technology to their location giving you a mobile sales team.

Work in any space

Our technology allows you to show any size property in any space.

Elevate your brand

Offer your buyers the next step in architectural visualisation and stand out from the competition.

Ask Something?

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! We can create the entire building in virtual reality, including the interior, exterior, and common areas. This is particularly important if you want to showcase an entire complex.

Our experience is completely flexible and can be set up in whatever space you have available no matter how big or small. We recommend a 4x4m area for the best viewing option.  

People rarely get sick in the VR due to the headset’s 6 degrees of freedom tracking. The first VR headsets offered 3 degrees of freedom tracking, meaning you could look up, down and side to side in 360 degrees. Motion sickness in VR is caused by conflicting signals in the brain, for example seeing yourself move through a virtual world but being stationary in the real one.

6 degrees of freedom tracking allows users greater freedom of movement as the headset tracks your physical movement back and forth, up and down and side to side in the virtual world. This reduces the feeling of disorientation minimising conflicting signals in your brain.

If you have a buyer who isn’t comfortable in the VR headset they can use a tablet instead, as their window into the virtual world. 

No, unfortunately, the cameras on the VR headset cannot be used in direct sunlight. However, you can still view the model outside as a clickable tour or as a walk-through tour in AR using any smart device. 

Reserve your FREE Demo Kit

Experience our technology first-hand

Our Demo Kit includes a headset & tablet pre-loaded with three of our projects. You can keep the kit for 7 days and experience first hand what makes our technology different. Register your interest below and a member of our team will be in contact to organise delivery. 

Download our demo app

Try our technology

Our ‘EnvisionVR’ demo app includes three of our previous projects for you to explore. Explore on your tablet or headset. Download from the app stores below.