Desirum – Seamless AR/VR Integration

“EnvisonVR’s quality is superb. They bring our 3D models to life, ensuring the textures and models remain of the highest quality.” Klaudia Urinyuk, Sales Manager Desirum The Client:   Desirum is a leading creative studio based in London, specialising in delivering high-quality 3D services. Their expertise lies in architectural and interior visualisation and modelling, offering […]

Architectural Home – First Home Builder

Project Summary Architect: Molinar Architects At EnvisionVR, we had the privilege of working with a client who embarked on the creation of a remarkable luxury home in Sydney’s Inner West. Collaborating closely with renowned architectural firm Molinar Architects, our client envisioned a modern, spacious, and truly luxurious residence that would exceed all expectations.   Their […]

Sekisui House – Lumia Lux

Project Summary Developer: Sekisui House Project Marketing: Sekisui House CGI Artist: ThroughSpace Sekisui House is a renowned developer in the real estate industry. Founded in Japan, Sekisui House has expanded its operations globally, setting a high standard for quality, design, and environmentally friendly practices. The company’s expertise lies in creating well-designed homes that prioritize comfort, […]

Princeton Development Group – Eurangi

Project Summary Developer: Princeton Development Group Project Marketing: The Agency CGI Artist: Gabriel Saunders Princeton Development Group is a renowned real estate development company known for its exceptional residential and commercial properties. With a strong emphasis on quality, innovation, and sustainability, the company consistently surpasses expectations and remains dedicated to pushing boundaries and embracing new […]

Sanders Studios – Woodside Park

Project summary Developer: Pocket Living Limited CGI Studio: Sanders Studios “The EnvisionVR App for Woodside Park has been extremely well received by our client, and the ongoing support throughout the project process from the EnvisionVR team has been unquestionable.”  Martin Rule – Sanders Studio The Client:   Sanders Studios is a United Kingdom based architectural visualisation […]

Designhaus Perth – Building Designers

Project summary Building designer: Designhaus Perth “Now with EnvisionVR’s platform we are easily able to offer our clients an immersive tour of our design vision, every corner of the home from their own perspective. They are truly able to move forward with total confidence in us and in their future home.” Heath Moloney – Designhaus […]

Montgomery Homes – Virtual Display Homes

Project Summary Builder: Montgomery Homes CGI Studio: Premier3D “Our new virtual display offering removes that barrier, with 1:1 scale critical for customers to get a complete sense of the size and layout of each room to help inform their buying decision.” – Jamie Montgomery Managing Director.  Montgomery Homes is a leading home builder based in […]

Thirdi Group – Dairy Farmers Towers

Project Summary Developer: Thirdi Group CGI Artist: ThroughSpace Thirdi Group is a leading property development and investment company based in Sydney, Australia. Established in 2003, Thirdi Group has since become known for its innovative approach to property development, incorporating cutting-edge design, technology and sustainability practices into its projects. The company prides itself on being a […]

Augmented Reality – Adding a new dimension to your world. 

Augmented reality (AR) is a technology that allows us to enhance our perception of the world around us. It does this by overlaying digital information and images onto our view of the physical world, creating a seamless and immersive experience.  So how does it work? But how does augmented reality technology work? At its core, […]

Laver Residential Projects – Broadbeach Project Summary Developer: Macquarie Developments Group Project Marketing: Laver Residential Projects  CGI Artist: ThroughSpace “EnvisionVR has been a god-send” Clayton Ross – Laver Residential Projects Laver Residential Projects has been utilising the EnvisionVR platform in the Assana display suite in Broadbeach, Queensland. The development consists of a collection of luxury residential living oversized apartments, […]