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Open to join for a limited time only - February 20th to March 20th 2024

EnvisionVR, trusted by industry leaders.

Present your vision with clarity and confidence.

Empower your clients with immersive experiences that bring your designs to life. Envision Space AI BETA can seamlessly transform your existing architectural models into walkable immersive experiences, enabling clients to fully grasp and appreciate their new space like never before.

BYO 3D Model

Compatible: Revit, 3ds Max, SketchUp, ArchiCAD + more.

Automated XR Conversions

Experience fast, simple, and hassle-free XR conversions.

Captivating immersion accessible anywhere, anytime.

Allow your clients to explore and share their space with unprecedented convenience and accessibility. Our immersive VR walkthroughs are available in Browser and on Mobile, Tablet, Meta Quest and Apple Vision Pro.

Built for mobile

An experience optimised for convenience and accessibility.

Explore in VR

Achieve complete immersion with leading VR headsets.

Design reviews, when they matter most.

Avoid frustrating re-works and maintain the highest level of client satisfaction with Space AI BETA. Allow your clients to spend time in the design to ensure it’s fit for purpose.

Client satisfaction

A design review process that just makes sense.

Confidence in design

Give your clients the confidence they deserve.

One platform to unlock the full potential of your designs.

Enhance your deliverables and increase revenue with the Envision platform. Create multiple outputs from one model, manage projects, track conversions, and unlock valuable analytics.

Powerful analytics

Refine your process based on real client behavior.

Scale your projects

Manage and track multiple projects simultaneously from your dashboard.

Enjoy these exclusive benefits as part of our Early Access BETA program.

Free XR creation during BETA

Get access to free XR creation as a EnvisionVR Space - AI (BETA) user.

Rapid conversion time

Enjoy automated rapid immersive VR conversions.

Our premium Design With tool set

Access our premium design with tool set for 30 days.

Access a vibrant professional community

Connect with industry leading architects from around the world.

Help craft your ideal platform

Test new features, provide feedback, report bugs and submit feature requests.

Foundation member status

Secure your founding member status by joining our BETA testing cohort before March 20th.

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Get started with your FBX or other architecture design files.

End with that

We'll evolve your files into immersive XR spaces.

Early BETA access closing soon

Accepting new members from February 20th 2024 to March 20th 2024