Immersive design review straight to mobile.

Some of the best features.

Convert your architectural model into a Virtual Experience. All you need is an FBX for Sketchup model and we can create your immersive experience.

Convert your designs in as little as 48hrs.

Available on mobile.
No high-powered computers required!

1:1 Scale.
Communicated your designs seamlessly.

Host virtual meetings to review designs with your clients.

Choose your wireframe.

White Wireframe

Convert your FBX file into a white Virtual Experience. 

Textured Wireframe

Explore your space with basic colours and textures. Textured wireframes take SketchUp models and convert them into Virtual Experiences

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1:1 scale mobile experience

Augmented and virtual reality allows you to walk freely through the space in perfect scale, using a mobile phone table or VR headset. 

Collaborate in the design

Hold virtual review sessions in your design where you can meet your client and explore the space together. 

Make changes before construction begins

Avoid variations and give your client 100% certainty in what their future space will look like.